To provide the community with the best possible emergency service with regard to the preservation of life and property; to maintain a sense of harmony among the volunteer members and the community; and to continue to exist in an environment of mutual respect and trust.

Fire Departments host open house

Mumford Fire District celebrates new building

MFD erects museum to showcase antique equipment

Fire Chief returns home after assisting hurricane victims

Mumford Fire District approves $1.4 million project

Spragge awarded Fire Scholarship / New Truck

Recruitment is key for volunteer fire departments

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Monroe County Fire Wire

Membership Meetings
2nd Monday of the Month @ 7:30 PM

Fire Commissioners Meetings
2nd Tuesday of the Month @ 6:30pm

Line Officers

Fire Chief Jason Klein
 Assistant Chief Mike Burnside
Captain Dan Chapman
Lieutenant Mike Lewis
Lieutenant Tom McGinnis
Training Lieutenant Todd Smith

Executive Officers

President Doug Howe
Vice President Chris Klein
Secretary vacant
Treasurer  Bill McGinnis
Sgt. of Arms Bob McGinnis

Board Of Directors

Doug Howe Dan Chapman
Chris Klein Jason Klein
Butch McGrath Bill McGinnis

Board of Fire Commissioners

Don Whiteside Dan Chapman
Stan Latko Molly Coyle
Ralph LaRose


Mumford Fire Department Mumford Fire District
PO Box 477 PO Box 25
Mumford, NY 14511 Mumford, NY 14511
538-2330 538-6911