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  Mel Keenan, the former webmaster of, has retired. Justin Dietrich is the new webmaster, and along with the Board of Directors, has some changes planned. These changes will come slowly; the goal of these changes is to maintain all of the site's existing content as well as expand it. Among the first changes is breaking some sections of the site into their own domains. This has already started with the Caledonia Library page ( The next section to be split off is the Caledonia Fire Department. By splitting these sections onto their own sites, individual organizations can more easily define their web presence and add their own content. as an organization will be expanding beyond just a single web page into a support role that will provide assistance to Cal-Mum organizations that would like their own web presence but do not have the resources to put a site together. will provide the expertise and the hosting capabilities to allow any organization the opportunity to have a web site.