A young fellow and I sat down last weekend and talked about a different type of pet that he had for 3 1/2 years. Shawn Wolcott bought a baby Lopp Eared Rabbit from a fellow student while going to Boces in 2006. The student had a lot o babies, so it was hard to pick one out of the litter. Shawn just reached in and came out with his new pet.

   His Dad built him a rabbit hutch and Shawn's bed room became the Rabbit's home. Shawn named the rabbit "Rabbit" because he would forget any other name.

   shawn would let "Rabbit" run loose on the front porch because it was a large space and "Rabbit" couldn't get off of it. "Rabbit" would run so fast that he would crash into things and fall over. Shawn's mother had 2 cats so he had to be careful that the cats didn't bother "Rabbit".

   "Rabbit" would eat the things that rabbits eat, like vegetables etc. "Rabbit" slept a lot but waited to be let out so that he could run.

   One day, Shawn went to feed "Rabbit" and he found that his fun pet had gone to rabbit heaven. Shawn was very sad at "Rabbit's" passing and he took "Rabbit" out to the back yard and put his belovedpet to reast. I asked Shawn if he was going to get another pet to replace "Rabbit" and he said not now. He will be moving soon and he needs to find a job first.

   This story tells us how we get connectected wit our pets no matter what they are. They become part of our life and when they pass on it hurts us deeply. Below please find a picture of Shawn and his buddy "Rabbit".