The Day of the Fire

   Like all other outdoorsman, Bill Scheg of Caledonia was out in this early afternoon getting ready to enjoy a good evening of deer hunting. Being a busy Taxidermist and operator of Genesee Vally Taxidermy & Shooting Supplies doesn't give Bill much time to stop and enjoy what he likes to do best, that is deer hunt.

   Bill has a luxury that most deer hunters don't have, he can hunt around his home as it is wooded and has a great deer population. This is what he was doing on the afternoon of November 6th 2010.

   Bill just settled into the "hunting mode" and the woods around him started to come to life with small game animals trusting him being there. As he sat there, enjoying the out-of-doors, a million thoughts passed through his mind. I have often said that my best decisions have been made while I sat in the woods! It was at this time that Bill heard his 2 dogs, Ginger and Jacky, barking. Bill thought that was odd as he had left them in the house when he left. Bill had built a doggy door in the back house door so the dogs could go in and out as they please. Maybe another dog or even maybe a deer was in the yard, that would explain the dogs barking.

   A short time later, Bill heard shots coming from the direction of his home. Too many shots to be someone hunting. The dogs barking, too many shots and now the sound opproaching fire trucks made Bill decide to quit hunting and head for home.

   As Bill was walking through the woods, heading home, smoke greeted him, a smell that he will never forget. Then, what all of us hope to never see, his home and business was burning to the ground. Everything that Bill and his wife, Peg, had owned was going up in smoke! One can not understand the loss unless you go through this.

   Eight fire companies were trying to save what ever they could for Bill and Peg, but to no avail. They could not get close enough until the ammunition, that was stored in the business, had expired. Bill's extensive animal mounts, both North American and African were also gone. His gun collection along with all records -- gone. All their personal belongings, gone.

   All that was left was Bill, Peg, Ginger and Jacky. Sorrow over-came them all but with the strong will to rebuild, and their countless friends, Genesee Valley Taxidermy & Shooting Supplies will and is surviving.

   Bill has re-opened his business at 2935 West Main Rd. in Caledonia, NY. His hours of operation are M-F 10:00-6, Sat 10:00-4:00 and Sunday by appointment only. Phone number is 585-538-6491 or 585-314-6322. E-mail

   Bill will not be doing Taxidermy anymore due to a back issue. He will be booking North American and African hunts.

   He will have guns and archery for sale and offer repair of both. He will stock some fishing gear and if he doesn't have it in stock he will get it for you!

   While I made a visit to Bill and Pegs burnt home, I couldn't feel that some how something good would come of this. Could have been worse? Yes, by all means.

   The Schegs have each other and the will to go on and don't forget the countless friends that came to their aide!!!

   Untill next time

   God bless---Barry--