Matthews-Spring Creek-Mackay Trail Dedication

Howdy folks,

   Well it is official now. The Matthews-Spring Creek-Mackay Trail is completed and has been dedicated to anyone that wants to enjoy it. The good lord gave us a beautiful, sun filled afternoon for the ceremony at Tennant Park. We had a great turn-out of past Caledonia Mayors to see this wonderful happening. All whom had anything to do with the project were there.

   We saw a restoration of the old Matthews Trail, a birth of The Spring Creek Trail and the connection to The Mackay Wildlife Preserve all in one afternoon. This means that you can start at Tennant Park, cross the bridge to The Matthews Trail, cross the railroad tracks to The Spring Creek Trail and end up at The Mackay Wildlife Preserve. It is a walk of about 2 miles round -trip without leaving the Village of Caledonia. This wonderful gift that has been given to the folks of Caledonia is one of a kind. No other Village in livingston County can say that they have this unique trail set-up that we have. I am very proud of that!!

   If anyone has any questions about the Trail or its birth, please e-mail me at and I will get back to you as soon as possible.

   I am relying on the folks of Caledonia to take care of this wonderful asset that we have and please enjoy it for a long time.

   If you can't, let us know about it.

   Until next time,

   God bless---Barry--



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