April 2009

"Politicians: Dr Jekyll or Mr Hyde?"

   "Howdy Folks" Those of you that know me know that, other than my family, my life interest is in taking care of our wildlife and doing all I can to protect our environment that effects us in our everyday adventures. I have always felt that these areas needed all the help that we, as human beings, could give to them. Thanks to the folks of Caledonia, we are making progress in our part of the world. Recently I have found another area in life that is in so much need of change that it will take more than myself to cure it. I have never been interested in the world of politics or those that enjoy the power of having more to say over matters than the normal person. Some of these are elected and others are appointed, whichever, we are at the mercy of their actions.

   In my brief career in the political world, I have found that the person on the street of our community becomes a different person as a member of a board. The logic and fairness of the world turns into just black and white in the boardroom. Some folks, who elected or appointed these board members, periodically find themselves before the board looking to get some kind of approval to better themselves and this wonderful community of Caledonia. The emotional and financial turmoil that they are put through is unbelievable. The different boards of our community are created for the sole purpose of a place for a person to go to prove that their idea would better the lifestyle of our small village and those in it. If we are making our own rules and they need to be changed to make life and living in our community of more value than change them.

    My findings with this brief political experience are very similar to what I found in the birth of the Mackay Wildlife Preserve. That is, they both were a place that had a lot of potential but only needed to be cleaned up of the unneeded trash, put in some new improvements and make it a place that our public would be comfortable coming to. As with the Mackay Park, I will not turn my back on this problem that we have with some of our Village boards. I, again, plan to ask the community for their help and support.

   Just remember - WE ALL LIVE DOWNSTREAM.