February 2009

"Howdy Folks"

    I heard through the "grapevine" that there was a birthday party planned at The Mackay Park this last February. It was going to be on a Saturday morning so I wasn’t able to attend. Thanks to Richard and Deborah Stankevich, of Mumford, I am able to show you pictures of the invited guests and their owners, yes it was a "Doggy Birthday Party" and the guest-honor was Bentley, a 4 year old Great Dane. Back in or about 2005, the late Neil Alhart acquired "Jack" a chocolate lab puppy. Jack was brought up by walking, with Neil, in the Mackay Park every morning. Soon Jack acquired a lot of company as folks soon found that the Park was a wonderful place to let their dogs run and enjoy themselves. Jack showed his new buddies a lot of secrets that he had discovered as a pup. I will now turn the story over to Deborah Stankevich and have her tell you about the "Doggy Birthday Party"

   February 24, 2009, was Bentleys 4th birthday. A friend of ours decided to throw him a birthday party at the Mackay Park. He invited 10 dogs to join in on the fun. Of course, we didn’t think that anyone would really come. At 10:00 am, we loaded the dogs and drove to the park. As we pulled into the parking lot there were 8 more dogs awaiting the guest of honor. We were very happy that Mrs. Betty Mackay was there to enjoy the fun. Bentley received a lot of gifts but enjoyed the 1 lb of hot dogs that he shared with his guests, the most. It was amazing how well all of these dogs got along and how well mannered they all were. They played, ate, rolled in the snow and chased each other around until it was time to go. "Happy Birthday Bentley". I need to thank all that came to share Bentley’s special day at "The Mackay Wildlife Preserve & Nature Walk". This is what Neil would have wanted for the Park.

   God Bless