November 2008

   "Howdy Folks" Itís time to change the oil in your lawnmower and get out the snowblower. Mother Nature is telling us that another season has passed and with it we have to make changes also.

   Clean up under those bird feeders and get a new supply of seed for the winter feeding. Purchase a Squirrel guard to put around it so the birds wonít have to compete for their food.

   Clean up the dog and cat food dishes that are on the porch, as these will attract the Raccoons and the dreaded Skunks.

   One new problem that happened this year was with a couple of cars that were stored in a barn over the winter. The owners went to Florida for the winter and when they came home their cars wouldnít start. It seems that Chipmunks moved in and chewed all of the insulation off of the electrical wires under the hood. How do you cure this problem? One of two ways is to have some one check on the car ever-so-often or spray the wires with a foaming bug repellent. Both solve the problem.

   Deer hunting season has started so, as usual, watch out for them while driving down the highway. If you see one there is usually more.

   Got a cat that you care for a lot? Do you let it run at night? Not a good idea! Coyotes love cats and what about the rabies problem?

   Do you have a fireplace that you donít use? Make sure that you have a screen guard on the chimney pipe as birds and Raccoons will move in. Just make sure that Santa puts it back on when he is done on Christmas Eve.

   Got a garage door that you donít close or one that doesnít work? Better get it fixed and close it, as this is a favorite place for critters to spend the winters. A warm car is a nice place to go to get warm. How about all those boxes filled with clothes and rags, a perfect place to bed-down.

   An up-date on the St. Columba cemetery on State Street, the critter problem has been taken care of, the removal of the shrubs did the job. Look for more improvements next spring.

   To sum it all up, wild animals need food, warmth, water and shelter to live. Us humans make it easy for them to get all of their needs and then we get upset when they move in.

   Please donít forget to recycle your newspapers, shrubs, used oil, plastic, tin and glass containers at the Caledonia Transfer Station on Middle Road. Itís open on Saturday from 8:00am to 12:00 noon. Get a free cup of coffee while you are there. If you live in the Village or Town of Caledonia it is yours to use.

   Happy Holidays and God Bless