March 2008

   "Howdy Folks" This issue will have a lot of new information for you about what is going on in the outdoor world of hunting, fishing, trapping and all else to do with the wild outdoors. I will keep you informed on the new issues and regulations as they come available to me.

   First, the DEC has announced proposed fishing regulations for the years 2008-2010. The changes are quite long and complicated so you might want to go to the following web site and ask for a copy of them:

   To request copies of the regulation proposals, e-mail Shaun Keeler at or call him at 518-402-8920.

   Next, the exam for Falconry Apprentice License is coming up soon. This is a hunting sport that is of great satisfaction and is not done by many. Go to web site to get all of the needed info.

   For those that are interested in the prices that the February fur auction brought, they were as follows:

BEAVER $22.92
COYOTE $18.54
FOX-GRAY $39.22
FOX-RED $16.72
MINK $10.96
RACCOON $17.79
SKUNK $6.71
WEASEL $1.00

   The auctions are at the Genesee Valley Trappers Club on County Road #32 in Bristol, NY. If you need the directions to the club, e-mail me at and I can direct you.

    The deer hunting results are in for the 2007 deer hunting season. Hunters harvested approximately 220,000 deer in the 2007 season. This was a 16% increase over the 2006 season.

   The buck (adult male) take increased by 8% over the 2006 season, and the antlerless (females and young males) as a result of the increase of party-permits, in creased by 24%.

   The 2007 muzzleloader take increased by 9% and the 2007 bow-hunting take increased 6% over the 2006 season.

   The 2007 deer season set a new record low with only 14 hunting-related shooting incidents, however there were 5 fatalities this year.

   The Black bear harvest results are also in for the 2007 season. There were 1117 bears taken this season, a 28% increase over the 2006 season of 796.

    As more information comes available, I will get it out to you. 

   Until then, God Bless