February 2008

   "Howdy Folks" According to Webster’s dictionary, a dog is a domesticated mammal related to the wolves and foxes. Over the years man has found a lot of uses for the multitude of breeds that dogs come in. Some uses are not very pleasant but most of us enjoy the few years of loyalty that our devoted pets give us. A lot of times we take them for granted. We forget that they have hearts and feelings too. Sometimes they get in the way, or are creators of messes, have to be fed, sometimes we think of their health and they have to go to the vets creating an expensive bill, but most of us have a special place in our heart for this live, warm, loving creation that God gave us.

   Our pet dogs do a lot with us. They love to ride in our cars or in the back of our pickup trucks. They love to go to the local banks or recycling stations because they know that there is a treat waiting for them there. They love to go for walks in the Mackay Park because they know that they can run with other dogs and enjoy the freedom of the woods. They cannot wait for the kids to get home from school so they can get some kid-attention. They bark when the doorbell rings to let you know that someone is at the door. They want to be near us when we retire for the day.

   The list goes on and on and when the time comes for them to leave our sides, either by sickness, an accident or old age, we find it very hard to accept.

   In my 5 years of working at the Caledonia Transfer Station, I have seen a lot of dogs, new-born to elderly in age, come with their masters every Saturday morning. I have gotten very attached to them and when they do not show up for their "biscuit'; I miss them.

   Such a thing happened to one of "my dogs" just this last week. "Doeser"; Mark Schroeder’s companion for a lot of years, was taken from him. "Doeser" was out enjoying life when he was hit by a car and his life came to an end. I could see it in Mark’s eyes what his friend meant to him. I had to have one of my two Shelties put down a couple of months ago so I can relate to Mark’s anguish.

   One good thing about having a dog as a pet, the good Lord has it fixed that they only live 10 to 20 years, making it easy to have another replace the lost one. Somehow we always find a new spot in our hearts for another "Doeser':

   God Bless