December 2007

   "Howdy Folks" It was once said that the pre-winter stage of the four seasons is known to be the saddest of all. Now that the deer hunting season has come to a close, I find that it is time again to go out into the woods and fields and see what man and nature has done to our wildlife friends and surroundings.

   My findings depend on what part of the area that I visit. My first stop was the MacKay Wildlife Preserve and Nature Trail, the first thing I noticed was that the "Sims" tree was decorated for Christmas and that there was three small snow-children standing behind the memorial to Jeff Sims. What a way for Jeff’s children to be close to their father.

   Next I noticed how well the nature trail is being used this winter. We will be removing the sign-in-log this year, and replacing it with a new one. The old one will be going to the big springs museum to be on display. We will also be installing stairs at the gully, thus will make it easier for folks to get in and out of it. A memorial to the "service persons" tree is in the making and will be installed as soon as possible,

   The next area I went to was not as rewarding as the first. Without a lot of effort, I found two dead deer. Both were bucks (males) an 8 pointer and a 10 pointer. I would have felt a lot better if I knew that they were hit by cars, but this was not the case with these two deer. A lazy hunters misplaced shot was the cause of a deer dying a terrible death. An awful end to such a majestic animal.

   The next area was just a wonderful experience. I walked up upon a flock of turkey, most were toms (males). All were healthy and ready for the winter. I also came upon a flock of Canadian geese feeding in a cut cornfield.

   The last area was full of deer that had made it through the hunting season and now they were going into the winter looking very healthy. There were a couple of nice bucks in the bunch. But most were yearlings and 2-3 year old does,

   I have had a wonderful year this year. What with being named Senior Citizen and Citizen of the Year by you wonderful folks of Caledonia. The dinners and the meetings that I have gone to, were second to none. The fact that my book has become a "sell out" is a great satisfaction. So many folks to thank and not enough paper to put you all on.

   One last note, there would be less trouble in this world if more people would take a walk into the woods and talk to the boss above. You will be surprised by the answers that come to you.

   God Bless