October 2007

   "Howdy Folks" I have been telling you that I have a lot to tell you about the 4 Deer herds that we have in and around Caledonia. Below I will give you a graph showing how I have cut Caledonia into 4 quadrants and explain to you about each Deer herd and their satellite groups respectfully.

   First, I will explain about area #1, the North-West quadrant. This area has the most mature Bucks of any. This is mostly due to the fact that the land owners have it posted and have a Deer management program in use. Only select older bucks are taken out of the herd during the hunting season. There are a lot of does, and of these there are a lot of 2-3 year ones. A lot of fawns were lost to predators in this area, mainly the coyote. We have at least 3 coyote dens being used this year. This area has a satellite group using the Spring Street area, including the Mackay Park, because of the water of the Oatka Creek. Water is a problem in all of the areas because of the drought.

   Our second area, #2, the North-East quadrant has a lot of immature bucks and small does. Most does had 2 fawns and a lot of these are not of any size. Land is posted in this area but hunters are not selective in their taking of Deer during the hunting season. Coyotes, again are a problem with the fawns. The Deer herd is of good size, so over-browsing has a lot to do with the health and quality of the bucks. There is a satellite group that visits the Wheatland Center Road area, again to get to water.

   The next area, #3 South-East quadrant does not have as large a herd as the rest. Water is a problem and so is cover for them to hide. A lot of this land is open-fields thus keeping the Deer herd active only at night. The bucks are of good size and so are the does. If you want to be rewarded with a nice buck, you have to go into the heavy woods and swamp and push them around. There are no satellite groups to speak of, because of the open land. After the first shot is fired, during hunting season, most head back into the cover of the big woods and swamp

   The last area, #4, the South-West quadrant has a little of everything. The bucks are of all sizes, we have a lot of does, both big and small. The fawns have had a problem with not only the coyotes but also with all the roads that are in the area. There are a lot of wood lots on posted farms for cover and lots of browse nearby. Select hunting is not practiced in this area, but the larger bucks wise up very quickly and are hard to hunt.

   So that about sums up the Caledonia Deer herd condition. Please do not forget, it is not legal to hunt in the Village of Caledonia. Gun or bow are not allowed to be used within the village limits. If you are lucky enough to have a place in the town to hunt, you should have a very good year this year. Just make sure that you have that all important permission.

   One last thing that I ask of you hunters, most of you will have more than enough doe permits, in the process of shooting a doe, please take that 2-3 year old animal. This way you are practicing good herd management and not shooting that Buck of the Future, because it looks like a doe.