September 2007

   "Howdy Folks" Can you imagine going out into your garden to get some fresh veggies and having a 6-foot snake greet you? That is what happened to my son Brian and his friend Lauri. This was not a normal-run-of-the-mill type snake, this was a Ball-Python. A Ball-Python is a member of the Boa-Constrictor family. It is not a poisonous snake or a regulated species. It is an exotic breed, usually found in other countries. Sometimes they are kept as pets and get loose. The Ball-Python cannot live in the wilds of New York because of the drastic changes in our weather conditions. If this snake was not found, it surely would have died.

   I knew of a man that was familiar with exotic animals so after my son called me I called him. D.E.C. Investigator Richard Thomas was out to supper with his wife when I called, but as always he came to my aid.

   Having the proper training and knowledge of snakes was what we needed and Dick had both. He picked it up and took it with him, gone from the garden. I bet that the local mouse population is happy.

   It seems that a neighbor was the owner of the snake as a pet and it had been loose for about 2 months. After she contacted the D.E.C., the snake was returned to her, safe and sound.

   I have a lot to tell you about the 4 deer herds that we have in Caledonia. I will do that in my next writing.

   God Bless,