August 2007

   "Howdy Folks" I recently told you that I had a few worries about our wildlife population around Caledonia, I want to share them with you now.

   A well established turkey hunter that lives here in Caledonia told me about an happening that he witnessed while calling turkeys this year. He had just gotten on stand and started to call when he heard a noise behind him. When he turned to see what the noise was, he was amazed to see a bobcat stalking a nesting wood duck. Just as the wood duck took to flight, the bobcat caught her leaving her nest. This is natures way, a dead duck, a nest of un-hatched eggs and a satisfied bobcat.

   Bobcats are a rare sight in this area but they are here. They look like a regular house cats but have a short (bob) tail and hair strands coming out the top of their ears. I have to remind you hunters and trappers, bobcats are protected in this area and not open to harvesting. lf you catch one in your traps, if alive, it has to be released and if dead, it has to be turned over to the D.E.C. It is not legal to process and sell the fur in this area.

   Around the last week of June, I received a call from a deer hunter that also lives in Caledonia. As he was coming into Caledonia, on Center Street near Specialized, he saw a small black bear crossing the road and heading East into the village. This was about the same time that there was another bear in Henrietta playing golf. L myself, believe that these two bears were of the same den and got separated going in different directions. When the D.E.C. was notified, they said that they had received a couple of calls about this bear. This bear has been seen in Rush this last week.

   Again, you trappers and hunters, taking of a black bear by any means in this area is not legal. They are protected and cannot be harvested. When you buy your hunting or trapping license, you get a book with maps telling you the areas that you can hunt or trap bears and bobcats. Now that we are getting visits from these animals, the D.E.C. will be watching out for their health. It is very costly not to play by the rules.

   Next time I will tell you about the condition of the four different deer herds that we have in and around Caledonia. Thanks for your time.

   God Bless